Dog Communication

Dog Communication teaches your dog how to interact socially with other dogs:

It therefore:
Avoids aggression issues.
Teaches an aggressive dog how to socialise properly.
Builds your dog’s confidence.
Calms down energentic/boisterous dogs.
Helps get a good recall.
Teaches nervous dogs how to cope better.

It Teaches you:
Your dog’s body language and what it all means.
How to stop your dog behaving badly.
How to determine what is play and what isn’t.
How to deal with any boisterous dogs approaching you.
How to avoid being bitten.
Helps to build a trusting and loving relationship between you and your dog.

Suitable for most dogs, including puppies from 5 months.

CLASSES HELD : On Wednesday’s & Saturday’s at Ilchester

On Tuesday’s at Hornblotton.