Dog Training Services

pamela-dog-trainingAs an animal lover, I understand the importance of finding a dog trainer and behaviourist you can trust before allowing them to care for your much loved pet. That is why I work with your dog with the same love, care and attention I would if it were my own. All training, whether for puppies or grown dogs, is undertaken using positive reinforcement.

I run one-to-one training and classes for fully grown dogs, and consultations and socialisation for puppies, which includes advice on feeding and diet, basic training, barking and attention seeking, and general health and welfare.

The dog training services I provide include:

  • New puppy consultations
  • Socialisation for puppies
  • Basic dog training
  • House training
  • Prevention of barking and attention seeking
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Training classes
  • Canine feeding and dietary advice
  • Socialisation training for Aggressive / Boisterous dogs
  • Reiki Healing
  • Rally Obedience
  • Fun Agility

Dog Training refers to teaching dogs certain responses or behaviours to specific conditions or cues. Dogs are commonly trained for obedience, entertainment and education purposes. Training helps make a dog’s life less stressful.

There are many more reasons why people train dogs, just as there are many ways to train them. Although training methods differ from place to place, and styles differ from trainer to trainer, determining the training method that benefits the dog the most should be an important consideration. The most acceptable method used today is training through positive reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement is giving a reward to a dog after a desired behaviour, increasing the possibility that the behaviour will occur again. The reward may be in the form of food, verbal praise, affection or a favourite toy.

1) REWARD – Food, toys, praise and affection.
2) WHISTLE OR CLICKER – This is how you tell the dog that they are doing well.
3) TARGET – This is what is used to SHAPE or create a behaviour.

Training is about developing a bond with the dog you work with. Training dogs is not merely making a dog do something. Training is about trust and partnership. Training can only begin when trust has been established.

Trust is usually developed when the dog’s needs are met. This may be achieved through daily interactions of feeding, playing and caring for them, treating them with respect and being sensitive to their needs. Training is then possible when both trainer and dog are willing partners in the process.

Training is a way of keeping a dog physically fit and mentally stimulated. It is the trainer’s goal to provide the dogs with substitute behaviours to replace behaviours they used to do in the wild, therefore making them happy and content within the home and family environment.